Project Horizon

Project Horizon series

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KEITH is the byproduct of an Area Fifty-one experiment gone awry. Though not the subject of direct experimentation, contact by an alien on the base tainted him, giving him special abilities. Aided by an espionage group within the base, he escapes only to realize soon thereafter the heavy price.

VELUZ is a powerful secret society headed by figureheads from all over the world with social, economic, and political influence. Using deep pockets and KARMA, their mercenary group, they are able to alter global events for big monetary gains. Assassinations, protection detail, civil wars (avert or otherwise); you name it and they’ll quote you a price. Real life is the stock in VELUZ’s market, and they love to invest and manipulate.  With KEITH’S telekinetic abilities at their side, they are unstoppable.

KEITH struggles to balance his double-life while attending college and executing missions for VELUZ on the side.  The further KEITH delves into the workings of VELUZ, the more he regrets letting them save his life. With each passing VELUZ mission he learns his purpose goes far beyond that of a corporate pawn or mercenary-for-hire. His creation and his purpose are other worldly, not just alien, but something bigger.



Second book available at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

Icarus Fall

Nine months since the events of Phoenix Splinter and KEITH is still reeling from the loss of his family and the world as he knew it. Although in hiding, KEITH must come to terms with events and choose a side. He is a weapon in high demand and some will stop at nothing to obtain him. A new group comes forward, promising KEITH the answers he has been looking for. But, can he trust them?