Where do I start with this one?

!!!Villages are disappearing!!!

… I guess that’s a good start. A while back the following YouTube clip appeared with captions that strange flashing lights appeared over a horizon of a nearby town. In the morning people discovered that the nearby town, in the direction of the lights, had disappeared. Military blocked entry and rumors ran rampant. Check out the clip below.


Weird, right? My initial thought was perhaps a power plant having difficulties. This sort of light display isn’t unusual when power plants have issues (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7-TsMAWn0k 20 seconds in). I don’t know about you, but either clip would have freaked me out. My first thought would be “oh, crap. We’re being bombed.”

There is a news posting online about the Qinling village incident. Chinese news article. (Translation plug-in suggested for your browser)

The events have the makings of a Hollywood film. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind is the movie The Mist–which was actually based on Stephen King’s The Mist. A group of people are stranded at a store after a heavy fog rolls over a small town, bringing with it otherworldly creatures. The story mostly revolves around how people survive under extraordinary circumstances–namely surviving one another as tensions rise. It is hinted by soldiers among the group, that the nearby military base was experimenting with “other dimensions.”

Similar story elements leads me to the Philadelphia Experiment, an alleged military experiment carried out at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in 1943. (also known as Project Rainbow). It is said that the USS Eldridge was cloaked, or became invisible with crew on board, then reappeared in Norfolk, Virginia. There are different versions of this story. Some say the ship was spotted by another vessel as it performed this cloaking. More dark versions say that crew members were embedded into the steal haul of the ship as a result of the cloaking.

I love how stories like this overlap one another.

So, what was this light? UFO? Military experiment gone wrong? Or, as someone suggested in the comments, perhaps someone just wasn’t close enough to last night’s rave party.


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  1. Brigadoon!

    Wait 100 years… see if it comes back.

    But seriously… if this happened in Europe, or the UK, or the US, I’d expect that if it really happened it would garner all kinds of press. But being in China, where they prefer to hide anything that is not the government-approved version of the “truth”, it could happen and no one would ever know.


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