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My, how time flies. First thing’s first…

Project Horizon 3 is done. Well, the second draft is. It was sent to the editor back in July and I’m hoping to hear back soon so I can start the next (and hopefully second to last) round of edits. My aim is to have this published before the end of the year. I’m still somewhat debating its title.

While I’m waiting, I’ve been busy working on a short story for my pen name; J.S. d’Raven. Although I’d like to say I’ve been busy with the magical quill pen, I’d be lying. A promotion at work and its related side projects have kept Armini (muse) at bay–damn near frightened, I’d say. And yet, he’s starved for attention. Capricious bastard.

I’ve joined a writing circle online and even started keeping to a routine of at least getting 1000 words a week. It’s a small goal, but it keeps Armini happy. It all comes down to time and making time. I know a handful of writer friends with very hectic and busy schedules that still manage to churn out a few books a year. It can be done!

It’s in that spirit that I’ll be holding a small giveaway¬†next month. NaNoWriMo has never been my thing. I just can’t take the pressure or¬†the disillusioned and somewhat discouraging outcome when I fail to reach the word count. If you’re one of those, take comfort, you’re not alone.

I plan on giving away a set of story cubes and a small journal with 300 writing prompts. More details coming October. Check the contests/giveaways section. Here’s to our muse!Giveaway


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  1. This is awesome! Looking forward to it. I try to write a certain amount of words each week also. Don’t always make the limit but I try. Thanks!!!



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