Today I’m introducing the hilariously entertaining AmyBeth. I enjoy her love of SciFi and often find myself awed by her “SciFi Question of the Day.” Be sure to check out her site. Also, AmyBeth’s short story The Peanut Gallery Rebellion is entered in the America’s Next Author competition! Please read it, and if you like it, click VOTE. It does not require a log in to do either. If you are feeling especially generous, leaving a review is also greatly appreciated.

A writer by birth, a redhead by choice, and an outcast of Colorado by temporary necessity, AmyBeth Inverness is a prolific creator of Science Fiction and Romance.  With short stories coming out in two different anthologies in 2012, she can usually be found tapping away at her laptop, writing the next novel or procrastinating by posting a SciFi Question of the Day on Facebook. When she’s not writing, she’s kept very busy making aluminum foil hats and raising two energetic kids and many pets with her husband in their New England home.


Foil hats are not only fun, there’s a timeless fashion statement. They’re useful too, as many say they are necessary in order to block alien telepathic mind control. Unfortunately, all the aliens I asked about this refused to sign the waver to let me use their quotes on the internet, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

First you will need to gather materials. Although we often say “tin foil,” that is a misnomer. It’s actually aluminum. It rips quite easily, so care must be taken. Duct tape helps to reinforce sensitive parts. I also found this fantastic foil tape with a peel off backing… “found” as in it was in the back of the junk drawer. I have no idea where it came from. I’m not saying it was aliens, but…



Anywho… you will need to determine the size of the noggin the hat is designed to adorn. The simplest way is to take a piece of duct tape (Don’t put the sticky side against your head. Listen to the voice of experience.) and measure. Make sure you leave some extra room for overlap.




 Pull out a piece of aluminum foil (regular foil is fine for most heads, if you want a BIG hat, use the heavy duty foil) and lay it down on a flat surface. One side is shiny, the other is less so. Most people prefer to have the shiny side show. Attach the pre-measured duct tape to one edge of the foil.




 Before closing the hat in a circle, you might want to try it on one more time. Fold the bottom edge up so that you have a smooth folded edge for the bottom instead of a raw edge. You can even fold it directly on the duct tape if you like, as long as it’s inside and doesn’t show. Close the hat by attaching a small piece of duct tape inside. You can also use some clear tape or silver tape on the outside if you like. If you choose to use a glue gun, keep in mind that aluminum is metal, and conducts heat VERY well!


 Once the hat is closed, place it on the appropriate noggin. While the hat is on the noggin, carefully scrunch the foil together at the top. Remember, foil rips easily, so this is a delicate procedure.




 Leave the extra foil at the top as un-crinkled as possible.





 Make some vertical slits in the extra foil at the top. Gently flare these strips out for a sparkly decorative effect.





 This basic hat does not have a chin strap. If you smooch your kid too hard, her hat might fall off.





 Don’t forget the pets! Cats can be very jealous. Don’t let them feel left out; make kitty a hat of his own! A simple circlet is easy, and lets his little ears stick out.

Stay tuned next time for “How to Make an Aluminum Foil Crown!”




2 Responses to How to Make an Aluminum Foil Hat by AmyBeth Inverness
  1. Thanks for having me over! This was a fun post. I’ll have to do that post about the crown… it’s a lot more complicated, but it’s worth it!

  2. Hi AmyBeth,
    I looked at a lot of sites on making tin foil hats, but yours was the best. I love the hat that I made today for a Halloween party. It keeps the NSA program of mass surveillance from reading my thoughts, and following your directions produced a hat that was functional and fashionable, and a perfect fit.


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