Blurring the lines

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I can’t really say what was the defining moment when I decided to become a writer. Looking back, however, I do recall the many stories jumbling in my head. I also remember my first attempts at finishing a story. Back when I was twelve all I could muster were ten pages before I gave up–it was too long, the story sucks, no one will ever read this, I’m just wasting time!
I never actually thought I’d finish something…

I’ve always been fascinated by science fiction. There is a certain allure to “what if’s” based on science–even the ones that stretch that science a bit too far. The post apocalyptic settings of science gone wrong, the philosophical twists that turn the mirror on humanity. It’s all deliciously mind-bending.

Equally mind-bending are the government conspiracy theory sites; UFO’s, Reptilians, Underground Bases, Area Fifty-one…
Area Fifty-one for some reason struck a cord early on. A place that doesn’t legally exist, at least not under this name. The location is in the desolate Nevada desert north of Las Vegas. The fact its existence is such a mystery begs to be thought of. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be trapped there. That is, what if I stumbled upon the place and saw things I shouldn’t? Would they let me go? What things go on there? Why so secret? If so secret that it’s existence is denied by Government authorities, what things can they get away with?

These questions lingered and fermented, eventually giving birth to a novel… then three. It’s always the little things that trigger thoughts, ideas, and questions until it cascades.

Past it all, the ideas, and the stuff found on these conspiracy theory sites, it makes you wonder. At some point it has to. What if just one of these was real?


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