… it’s not Superman

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So where do some of these crazy ideas come from? Like the prior blog, I usually find them hidden in some headline. Take this post’s featured image.

It’s a bird… it’s plane… it’s… it’s not Superman.

Back in July of 2010 there was a UFO sighting over China’s Xiaoshan Airport. It caused enough noise to actually end up on ABC News. Yeah, I was surprised. It didn’t just stay buried in the underground sites.

I think what struck me most about this sighting is that so many people saw it, in fact the airport shut down. That’s right, this goes beyond just possibly doctored photos. Air traffic control detected the object and grounded all flights.

The object does look a bit odd, similar to some of the cigar-shaped UFO’s that have been reported in the past. Certainly an odd shape to take for something man-made. I say “man-made” because it was later reported that the Chinese Military accepted responsibility for this aircraft. Unusual, no?

The initial report had no indication of a military link. Then again, isn’t this always how it is? At least they didn’t say it was a weather balloon.


Another sighting, similar craft, presented itself in Mongolia. It is in this report that it mentions Chinese Military taking responsibility for the Xiaoshan incident.


I can understand why a government entity would take responsibility for an event like this; appear in control, ease fears. Dare I even suggest it makes other countries nervous as China rises as a military power. Mind games? What do you think?

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