At last, the first book in the Project Horizon trilogy is released. Phoenix Splinter.

It’s been about six long years birthing this book. I gotta admit it’s been through some amazing transformations. I’ve had some great editors along the way and a fantastic cover artist.

Phoenix Splinter:

Nineteen-year-old Keith Groenewald is an escaped experiment from Area Fifty-One. Harbored by a secret society, Veluz, Keith develops his telekinetic abilities, making him a key weapon for their covert missions. While working as part of an elite mercenary force, Keith is unsettled by rumors that Veluz may have orchestrated the experimentation that gave him his powers.
With each passing mission he learns his purpose goes far beyond that of a corporate pawn or mercenary-for-hire. His creation and his purpose are other worldly, not just alien, but something bigger.


eBook versions are the first available. You can get the print in a few weeks. For a limited time get your eBook copy for $0.99 at most online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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