First, watch this video:


Yeah. Weird, huh?

Obviously it’s the product of some amateur film maker/student. What’s intriguing about it is when you start taking it apart to examine each element.

  • The date on the lower right is 06/08/2018. The future.
  • The music and crows heard in the background. That’s right, MUSIC. đŸ™‚
  • As the “glitch” in the camera feed occurs a bird comes down. EMP? Something strong enough to cause interference and take down birds. Interesting.
  • As this strange tower(s) gather nearby debris, I have to wonder what the heck it is. It’s not flying. Did it just appear from the ground?

My mind doesn’t know where to start with the ideas. Did anyone survive? Who found the camera? What was the cover story for this part of town being completely obliterated? Was this the first of many events to come? Who? Why?

Those are the bits I found most interesting. Go ahead. Take another look. What did you find?

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